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I can’t quite remember where I first came across Khus + Khus but I think it was their philosophy that won me over.  They believe that plants support the body + mind in healing.  They believe that your skin is the manifestation of what is going on internally in your body + mind and I whole heartedly agree.  Before I discovered clean beauty my skin was horrendous and it was a direct correlation of what was going on inside.  Once I started on my plant based journey and found amazing brands like Khus + Khus there was no going back.  They use premium ingredients that feel luxurious on your skin. 

Their products are formulated to assist the body in calming the nervous system and enhance the skin as well as regulate the immune system.  They believe that phyto-medicine is the future of health and skincare.  

Known for:         Their body waxes and serums and their hydrolats are sooo good.

Fave:                   Would have to be the Sen Face Serum because it helps with my pigmentation.