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How can you not love a brand whose motto is ‘Find Calm in the Chaos’?? Sarah who started the business, began searching for alternatives when stress was having an effect on her skin (um hello, can totally relate).  Sarah went through some personal struggles – she lost her dad suddenly, was diagnosed with endometriosis and was struggling with the craziness of a demanding job in TV.  After struggling to find skincare solutions for herself decided to start making her own. 

Her story really spoke to me as I was going through my own similar battles in particular feeling the effects of a demanding job.  I firmly believe in the link between stress, hormones and skin and this essentially led me to start this business.

Good skin is more than just good skincare.  It’s what’s going on inside that makes a huge difference too and good skincare is really there to support your overall wellbeing.  And the thing is – if you can buy skincare that won’t harm your skin or the planet why wouldn’t you??

And what I love the most about this brand is that Sarah only uses no more than 7 ingredients in her products.  They are a more affordable option for someone wanting to make the switch to clean beauty and know you’re getting a good quality product.  Take their original Calm Balm for example – it uses only 6 ingredients with all of them certified organic in the UK.


Known for:         The original Calm Balm

Fave:                   The facial oils are devine!  I use the Naked Oil for my sensitive skin.