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sandalwood + patchouli + red mandarin + siam benzoin

marula + argan + baobab + coconut

Botanical Therapeutic Actions: This powerhouse of opulent oils combined with an exotic blend of divine essential oils is not only a most pleasing aroma but a beneficial regenerative tonic for the body + mind. Assisting in tightening of sagging skin due to its tonic action as well as rejuvenation properties to soothe + hydrate the skin. Sandalwood and benzoin have excellent healing properties that help diminish spots, this blend is an exquisite tonic for sensitive + irritated skin. An elegant, enticing scent combined with deeply hydrating + nourishing oils.

+ Patchouli beneficial for alleviating depression, anxiety + stress-related conditions. Energetically calms mental activity + nervous tension. In skin care, it offers an action on the regeneration of cells, moistening + cooling tissues. Works well on inflamed skin conditions.

+ Red Mandarin a delicate aroma recommended for soothing restlessness. Used in skin care by the French to prevent stretch marks. It is recommended for the treatment of acne + congested oily skin.

+ Sandalwood has a relaxing effect on the nerves + relieves nervous tension. Applied to the skin for its soothing + cooling abilities. It moisturizes + soothes dry skin conditions. It is also helpful in relieving eczema, psoriasis, and for the treatment of oily skin + acne.

+ Argan an effective moisturizer for both skin and hair. Packed with vitamin A + E argan oil is full of antioxidants, omega­6 fatty acids and linoleic acid making it one of the most effective oils to combat aging associated with free radical damage. Assisting in boosting cell production and promoting youthful + soft skin.

+ Marula highly regarded for its anti­ aging capabilities, as well as high levels of antioxidants. A natural skin protectant of free radicals, assist in fine line reduction.

+ Baobab high in vitamins A, E, and F and high in sterols making it a wonderful anti-aging skin healing oil. Assisting in diminishing fine lines + wrinkles, reducing scarring and stretch marks. Non­-greasy and fast absorbing qualities.

+ Coconut it is excellent for the inflamed and sensitive skin as well as normal, dry, mature, and oily skin. Blocking about 20% of UV rays makes it useful in sun protection. Psoriasis can be treated with coconut oil because it has a nourishing, cooling effect on the skin.

Energetics: Peace, balance, facilitates meditation, + enhances self­ esteem. Aphrodisiac properties, as well as alleviating fears + negative emotions.

What’s In It? *cocos nucifera (coconut oil)*argania spinosa (argan oil),+sclerocarya birrea (marula oil),*adansonia digitata (baobab seed oil)+santalum spicatum (australian sandalwood), *pogostemon cablin (patchouli),*citrus reticulata (red mandarin),*styrax tonkinensis (benzoin),*cera alba(beeswax) non-gmo  vit E oil mixed tocopherols

*denotes organic + sustainably wild harvested

NON­-GMO certified ingredients, cruelty-free, 100% plant-based, 



Apply liberally to body, long strokes, preferably toward the heart to stimulate lymph movement. Can also be reapplied throughout the day to receive aromatherapy therapeutic benefits as well as smelling absolutely amazing. A little goes a long way.


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