Myroo Jade Facial Roller



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The Myroo stone roller is dual ended, allowing you to roll smaller more delicate parts of your face, like eyes, as well as all over your face and neck.  It comes packaged in a reusable eco cotton bag (19.5x14.5cm). 

Facial rolling is having a moment but it’s actually nothing new. Crystal rollers have been used by the Chinese for over 4 centuries. 

The jade stone is naturally cool and feels wonderfully refreshing in contact with the skin.

Facial Rolling has lots of potential benefits;

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Help with lymphatic drainage
  • Helps your favourite products penetrate more deeply into your skin
  • Reduces puffiness and under eye circles
  • Gives you a glow

If you’re still not convinced then the simple process of taking a little time out to nurture yourself may convince you. Self massage is a lovely process which soothes and relaxes. Got to be worth a try!

Jade is a natural stone, so each roller varies in size and colour.




Step 1: Apply your Myroo Facial Serum all over the face and neck.

Step 2: Starting from the lower part of your face, roll gently outward and upward from the centre of you face in sweeping motions.

Step 3: Move to the top half and continue.

Step 4: Use the smaller end to gentle sweep under the eye socket line.



Tips and Tricks

  • Work your roller in an upwards and outwards direction.
  • Use light pressure. If your skin is getting pink or red use lighter pressure. Too firm and you risk bruising delicate tissue.  Massage especially gently around delicate areas.
  • Keep your roller clean after each use. Give it a wipe with a cloth or warm water and soap. Dry after cleaning to prolong the life of your roller and its fittings.
  • For even better results try popping your roller in the fridge. Great for dealing with morning puffiness.



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